Slab Leak Detection and Repair Lawrenceville and Buford GA

Slab Leak Repair Lawrenceville GA

Our Slab Leak Detection Process

Are you concerned that you might have a foundation slab leak in your home right now?  We are here to help, for we are super knowledgeable at detecting and repairing any type of slab leak one may be having in ones Lawrenceville or Buford home.

We have the most current tools for slab leak detection that help us find the exact location of slab water leaks.  Thy help us save a lot of time in finding where the plumbing leak is occurring, so we can get to work with the needed slab leak repair fast!  Our leak detection equipment helps us find slab leaks, sewer line leaks, or drain leaks. This equipment speeds up the repair process too, for we can be less intrusive in getting to the actual leak since we know exactly where it is.  This in turn saves money for the homeowner.

Even if one is not completely sure if a slab leak is occurring, call us soon, for even a small water leak will cause a lot of damage in a short period of time.  Yes the cost of the wasted water can be saved, but that is nothing compared to the expenses of needing to replace flooring coverings, furniture, drywall for walls and ceilings.  If the leaking pipe is a water line that is easy to get to, it is not difficult to repair. When it is in under a foundation slab, it can take some time before there are obvious signs of the leak.

Slab Leak Detection Lawrenceville GA
Slab Leak Detection Buford GA

Signs of Having a Gainesville Slab Leak

The following are symptoms that may occur with a slab leak:

Floors or floor coverings are always damp or wet
Water bill expenses increase
The sound of water can be heard while plumbing fixtures aren’t being used
Cracks in the foundation are apparent
Grass or vegetation around the foundation grow unevenly
Sections of the slab floor are warmer compared with others
Lowered water pressure
Smells emerging through the floor or walls

Slab leaks can occur in ones Buford property for many different reasons. For example, if the ground about ones house is mostly clay, it can be sensitive to differences in moisture. When water is mixed with the clay, the clay will expand and push its way upward, allowing for pressure to foundations from below. Over time then, the foundation slab and flooring can push upward creating plumbing pipes inside the concrete slab to break. Once this happens, water may flood the floor, causing damage to everything in its path. Sewer pipes can also be damaged by the slab leak, which is a much issue to deal with.

Slab leaks can occur from just general pipe wear and tear too. Homes that have copper pipes installed from when the home was built, are more prone to having excessive wear and tear on the copper and will need replaced eventually. Pinhole leaks are a common breakdown with copper plumbing.

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